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We like you. You like us. It's a pawfect match.

If you are a storefront, ethical breeder or online pet goods shop looking for general information regarding wholesale of our bandanas , pup accessories (Bowties, Sailor Bows, Hair Bows) or mama accessories (Keychains, Scrunchies or Scout Scarves) you came to the right place! 

Approval of wholesale orders is not guaranteed. Dependent on factors such as: BFW shops availability, quantity of items in our shop and your request by date. Restrictions apply, not all products will qualify for wholesale pricing. For more information, please submit a wholesale order request at the bottom of this page! 

All wholesale orders are final sale. 



First, dip your paws in.

Here to sit and stay.

You cannot scratch the itch.

Wholesale prices based on a tiered plan. All products come with a But First, West:

Breeder: Business card

Store/Shop: Attached price tag


10-20: 15%

21-25: 20%

26-30: 30%

31+: 40%

Restrictions apply. Additional costs aside from the product itself to include sales tax, S/H or International fees.

Add on additional products:

(Prices vary by quantity and item)

+ Product Personalization

(If you would like to personalize with a logo, proof

of ownership of the logo will be required)

+ Individually Boxed Products

+ Shop Treats

+ Shop Stickers

+ Rush Delivery

Are you a trusted prior wholesale account with us and know you want to purchase smaller quantities of bandanas throughout the year to fit themes or trends? You love our brand and know collectively over a time frame (not to exceed 6 months) you will hit larger tiers? 

This may be for us. Fill out the form below and let us know if you want to hear more details on what being a member with us entails. 




Wholesale Request Form:

Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you as soon as our paws are free!

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