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The Dye Your Own Bandana Kit

The Dye Your Own Bandana Kit

For the very first time ever, you can hand dye your own But First, West bandana for your own unique combination of natural dye fibers. Great to keep the bandana to use for yourself (the size Large/X-Large fits a human perfectly), to gift for a loved one or make your very own unique design for your best furry friend! 


Kit Includes:

1 (pre mordanted) organic cotton bandana 

Variety of natural dye fibers




NATURAL DYE: Today, we are part of a natural dye revival. The use of natural dyes contributes to artisen dyers and local economies. Dried flowers used in these kits are grown from farms naturally, harvested and dried at their peak without chemicals. *Due to the delicate nature of dried flowers, you may notice only pedals included or some pedals falling off your flower heads. 


ORGANIC COTTON: When cotton is conventionally grown, it often uses toxic pesticides and environmentally harmful fertilizers. Organic cotton is a much safer option for not only individual growers but the ecological benefits of the farmland for future generations. 


ALUMINUM ACETATE MORDANT: These bandanas come prepared in a mordant bath. The process of mordant on cellulose fibers is to create a bond between the fiber and dye to improve its ability to take on the color and maintain it longer.


NOTE: Products may look slightly different than feature photos shown due to fabric pattern and the nature of handmade products. It is important to understand that natural dyes change over time, adding to the unique characteristics of natural dyes. 


Only let your furry friend wear a bandana and use all products when supervised for their safety. We are not responsible for any damages to our products or damages to any personal property. 


Because of the natural dyes in this bandana, if it gets wet while worn there is a chance the natural dye fibers may transfer to clothing or directly to dogs hair or skin. This bandana is not intended to be worn in water. 

  • Want additional detailed sizing information? Check out our size guide HERE!

    EXTRA-SMALL (XS): Best for our littlest of furry friends! (Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, Miniature Pinscher, Pomeranian). Take a look at the measurements, this may meet the needs of your feline friends too! 

    SMALL (S): This size typically meets the needs of our armful size pets! (Boston terrier, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Beagle, French bulldog, Basenji, Miniature Schnauzer).

    MEDIUM (M): Perfect for those pups that are getting too big to pick up and hold! (Australian Shepard, Border Collie, Basset Hound, Vizsla, Bulldog, Boxer, Shiba Inu, German Shorthaired Pointer).

    LARGE (L): Got a big ol' pooch? Don't worry we have you covered! Best for breeds on the larger side of life! (Lab, Golden Retriever, Large Doodle Mix, Great Dane, Alaskan Husky, Afghan Hound, Belgian Sheepdog, Bernese Mountain Dog, Bloodhound, St. Benard). Our size large is perfect for humans too, if you want to dress to match your loved one or don't have an animal but just straight up love our prints for yourself! 

    Do you have an even bigger Pooch that you need a custom XL size with extra tie length? Or the tiniest of critters that needs the tiniest of sizes? Contact us HERE and we will check in on our fabric quantities to see if we can make this happen for you!

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