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Seconds Shop - XL Accessories

Seconds Shop - XL Accessories

Welcome to our seconds shop where items are given a chance at life ... a little cheaper and a little different from our original designs! With our seconds shop, we are taking the last little bits of left over fabric where we dont have enough to make the original from and make a whole new bandana or accessory! Items may be a little different from the original design but that adds to the charm. 


In here you will find all our XL seconds shop accessories available. If you love our seconds shop, be sure to frequently check back in, styles will always be changing and adding as we have scrap fabric available to us! 


All our bowties and sailor bows are premade with a velcro attachment. All our classic bows and knotted bows are premade with an alligator clip attachment for the hair! 


If something shows as out of stock, that means it is no longer available. These are one of a kind and are only made with scrap fabric that our little shop repurposes into goods to help stay out of the landfill and protect our dear Mother Earth. 


NOTE: Products may look slightly different than feature photos shown due to fabric pattern and the nature of handmade products. 


Only let your furry friend wear a bandana and use all products when supervised for their safety. We are not responsible for any damages to our products or damages to any personal property. 

  • Want additional detailed sizing information? Check out our size guide HERE!

    Final Product Measurements:

    Please note as products are handmade, minor differences in sizing may occur. 

    Bow Tie: 

    XL: 6”x 3.5”

    L: 5”x3”

    M: 4.5x2”

    S: 4x2”


    Sailor Bow:

    XL: 6x6”

    L: 5.5x5.5”

    M: 4.5x4.5”

    S: 3.5x3.5”


    Classic Hair Bow:

    L: 3.5x3”


    S: 2.5”x2


    Knotted Bow:

    XL: 4.5x2

    L: 4x1.5

    M: 3x1.5

    S: 2.5x1

    Do you have an even bigger Pooch that you need a custom XL size with extra tie length? Or the tiniest of critters that needs the tiniest of sizes? Contact us HERE and we will check in on our fabric quantities to see if we can make this happen for you!

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