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Natural Dye Bandana Kit Information:

Many of our collection designs are sourced through shopping small or use of dead stock material. We aren't about waste at BFW. Down to the stickers, stamps and ink, it remains of utmost importance our brand remains true to our original vision of displaying and shipping our durable, high quality products in eco-friendly, recyclable and reusable packaging. And our natural dye kits are no different.


NATURAL DYE: Today, we are part of a natural dye revival. The use of natural dyes contributes to artisen dyers and local economies. Dried flowers used in these kits are grown from farms naturally, harvested and dried at their peak without chemicals. *Due to the delicate nature of dried flowers, you may notice only pedals included or some pedals falling off your flower heads. 


ORGANIC COTTON: When cotton is conventionally grown, it often uses toxic pesticides and environmentally harmful fertilizers. Organic cotton is a much safer option for not only individual growers but the ecological benefits of the farmland for future generations.


Aluminum Acetate Mordant: These bandanas come prepared in a mordant bath. The process of mordant on cellulose fibers is to create a bond between the fiber and dye to improve its ability to take on the color and maintain it longer.


Best Safety Practices & Recommendations

  • All utensils and pots used should be old kitchenware and not be used for cooking or eating after using for natural dying process.

  • Use safety protection at all times during process such as glasses, gloves and an apron. 

  • Do not dye and eat, touch your clothing, face or mouth during this process.

  • Wash hands throughly. 

  • Fibers are not edible. They are not intended for consumption in any form.

Additional Tools Needed

  • A cooking pot

  • Steamer basket or other item for steaming (metal colander, wire cooling rack, etc.)

  • Tongs

  • Bucket or bowl for rinsing

  • Hand Gloves

  • Safety glasses

  • Apron

Care Instructions

It is important to understand that natural dyes change over time, adding to the unique characteristics of natural dyes. Correct care of this garment will not only preserve deep rich tones but also ensure this natural dye doesnt leak into other fabrics during the wash process. When washing naturally dyed fabrics, the pH is very important. To protect the natural dyes, you must use neutral pH soap and neutral pH water. Hand wash, Do not tumble dry. Washing this item in warm or hot water or tumble drying this item may cause the fabric to constrict and shrink. Please note washing the item will cause natural wear to the leather tag and tumble drying on high heat can cause fabric to shrink. Do not use bleach. Do not iron the leather tag. *Disclaimer: If you decide to purchase a custom iron on transfer with your bandana, washing can cause it to become worn over time and degrade in quality. To preserve the print of the iron on transfer, wash infrequently. Do not iron over the transfer, do not dry clean. 

Recommended detergents: Ecos, Eucalan, Tru Earth or a mild liquid detergent no higher than pH 7. If using Tru Earth follow the instructions and note the detergent must completetly disolve in water before adding the garment. 

Additional Questions?

If you have any additional questions ​don't hesitate to CONTACT US for any assistance in this process. 

We cannot wait to see the beautiful things you create.

Dye Kit labels 2024.png

STEP by STEP Natural Dye Instructions

Read our best safety practices & recommendations before starting the dye process.

Step 1: The Preparation

Soak your scarf in cold water for at least 1 hour to ensure even and level results. Gently squeeze out the water so the bandana is damp then spread out the bandana on a clean surface or a clean towel to protect any surfaces from natural dye fibers. 


Step 2: The Arrangement

Place your dye fibers on half of the bandana only (You will end up folding the fabric onto of itself). Leave pedals whole or use the full flower head for larger bursts of color in smaller areas or crush the pedals/flowers and sprinkle for a more diffuse coloring. Sprinkle the fibers all the way onto the edges and corners unless you want these to remain un-dyed! 


The Colors

See below for reference on how each fiber dyes. But First, West typically varies their inclusion of fibers based upon the season so the totality of fibers shown may not be included in your dye kit.

Dye Kit labels 2024.png
Dye Kit labels 2024.png

Step 3: The Bundle

Fold the empty half of the bandana on top of the half with the dye fibers (the dye fibers will be now enclosed between the two sides of the bandana). Roll up the bandana into a hot dog shape. Once in a long tube, roll from end to end into a circular motion and wrap tightly with the twine provided to ensure the bandana roll doesn't come undone during the dye process. Tie the twine in a knot to secure. 


Step 4: The Steam

Add water to your boiling pot (The water should not submerge the steaming tray). Add your bound bandana to the steaming tray and cover the pot. It is okay to loosely have the cover on the pot for some steam to escape. Steam for 1 hour. Use your tongs to grab the bundled bandana from the steam tray and leave the bound bandana in a cool place for at least a few hours or even overnight. 


After pulling the bundled bandana out of the steam tray, it is important to note the color will likely leak onto any surface you let it cool on. We recommend turning the burner off and letting the bandana cool in the steaming tray or placing it on top of an old plastic or glass Tupperware container. See the second image for reference of the residual stain on a paper towel a bandana was placed on to cool. 


Step 5: The Reveal

Carefully cut the twine (be sure not to cut the bandana) and unravel the bandana over a trash can. Lightly shake out the larger pieces of fibers off the bandana and in the trash can. Rinse the bandana under cold water to remove the remaining pieces of dye fibers. Hang to dry. 

Be sure to thoroughly wash your hands after the process is complete and enjoy your creation! 

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